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Wai Yeong C.


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Wai Yeong was trained in International Coach Academy (ICA) and World Institute for Action Learning (WIAL). Wai Yeong is a self-motivated, down-to-earth and professional practitioner. He believes in sustainable growth of corporations grounded in learning. Thus he is devoted to facilitating learning & development and cultivating strong leadership to bring about organizational effectiveness.

Having started out as a software engineer, Wai Yeong has evolved through different roles and picked up skills including project management, lean management, business process, action learning, information security making him an all rounded professional. Wai Yeong is an expert in the automotive and related industry, with 17+ years of experience in renowned companies like Continental and Siemens. He practiced coaching as he led internal teams in his career.

Wai Yeong received his MBA from University of Melbourne as well as a B.S. from University of Manchester (Communication and Control Engineering). Wai Yeong likes to meditate, read, travel, do voluntary work and spend time with family.

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