About sagax

SAGAX is the historical Latin root for the English word SAGACIOUS.  It represents our dedication to leadership that is:



Forward looking

About Sagax serviceS

We accelerate leadership excellence by specializing in one-on-one executive coaching services to leaders and teams in organizations.

Sagax coaching is an online community of global coaches in different countries. Being online, we empower our clients to have many more choices and optimal client- coach match to deliver the best results. Online coaching further offers time flexibility, cost effectiveness and lowers carbon footprint. Face to face coaching is also available on need basis.

Coaching results and applications

Leadership Development and Organization Performance

We help companies identify gaps and build leadership competencies in their management teams. We help seek clarity in goals, align priorities which eventually deliver business results. Where strategies have been identified, workshops are used to communicate, align, set the tone and establish the culture needed to create change. Coaching follows to sustain transformation.

Individual Behavioral Transformation

We help selected individuals identify bottlenecks – undesirable thinking and behavioral patterns that hinder their performance and career development. We support high potential leaders to reframe and build new habits that sustain learning effectiveness.

Succession Planning and Managing Transitions

Companies groom a talent pipeline in anticipation of future career moves. It is critical when onboarding a senior role or prior to relocation, especially the first 6 months. We engage in career planning conversations with key talents to seek clarity in their passion, career development and competency gaps. 95% of leaders with coaches are promoted within 18 months.

Talent Retention

Companies struggle with high turnover and costs (time, training, lost opportunity, loss of stability) to high churn. For companies investing in career and development, 94 % employees expressed that they are more willing to stay.

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