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Our vision is to become the global benchmark for impeccable coaching and leadership consultancy. We achieve this by offering the biggest diversity of coach choices to scientifically deliver the perfect coach match and learning excellence.

Our Mission

The volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) experienced in the current environment is here to stay in the next decades. Skills sustain very short expiry dates. Teams have to relearn how to learn and make professional learning lifelong. This calls for organizations to better equip themselves to embrace continuous disruptions in the new normal.

Established industries often find that they lack the clarity, mindset, culture and new skills needed to innovate and navigate the transformation. Even successful startups experience a lack of leadership competencies critical for effective people management as they drive rapid expansion in quantum leaps.

Our mission is to partner with leaders and their organizations to support the nurturing of leaders for unprecedented scenarios. We strive to identify and predict the skills needed, a concern shared by majority of CEOs. We support individual young leaders to identify and reach their customized development goals. This better prepares them for the current challenges and foundation for future roles in their career development.

Individuals benefit from greater self-awareness, clarity in thinking, fresh perspectives, re-ignited positive energies and joy in living their true passion, during the coaching process.

“People are not good at seeing themselves as others see them. A coach really really helps. Everyone needs a coach.” Eric Schmidt – Chairman, Alphabet


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How to become a Sagax coach?

Please send to info@sagaxcoaching.com about:

1)Your coaching style, experience, clients, training and credentials

2)Your professional background before you become a coach, e.g. industry, functional expertise

3)Why you want to become a coach and what makes you a unique coach