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Ranee started her coach journey since 2013 with 700+ corporate coaching hours. She has proven ability to quickly build trust among clients across different cultural context and is an award winner in intercultural programs. She can be flexible on balancing between transformational coaching and transactional coaching in complex corporate environment. Ranee is also very experienced with methodologies of facilitation and corporate classroom training.

Before working as a coach, Ranee had nearly 18 years of solid cross-industry and cross cultural working experience in MNCs and state owned enterprises, with over 14 years of corporate L&D, OD experience, which helped her master a particular capability of leveraging coaching, facilitation, mentoring, consulting and training as appropriate.

She is also a guest lecturer in Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business and School of China Economics and Management Academy (CEMA) in Central University of Finance and Economics, speaking in Global Talent Programs and Leadership Programs.

Ranee has a MSC specialized in Personal Development & Leadership in International Business Management from KEDGE Business School, France and a BA on Communication and Media Studies from Communication University in China.

Clients served:

  • Tencent
  • GE
  • Sohu
  • Ford
  • Jaguar Land Rover
  • Pfizer
  • Selected
  • Corning
  • Boeing
  • HP