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Betty Z.


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Betty graduated from International Coaching Academy (ICA) and she is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC). Betty has more than 500 hours one-on-one leadership coaching experience since 2012. Betty is also a certified facilitator, master of deep coaching as well as DISC and NLP trainer. She also designed and delivered the “Leader as Coach” program and organized annual workshops on deep coaching.

Before becoming a professional leadership coach, Betty has 14 years’ corporate work experience in HR, training, admin and consultancy in the industries of engineering,  construction and architectural design , including 7 years in Atkins China as their HRD. She then moved into consulting for Watson Wyatt and created her own HR consulting start up. Betty is an expert in talent management and development. With her rich HR expertise , she has successfully supported companies to build their talent pipeline and many young leaders with their leadership and career development, both in China and Australia. She lived 5 years in Melbourne and is now based in Shenzhen.

Clients served:

  • Tencent
  • CCDI
  • TYLIN China
  • BMS
  • Tino Tianjing